Decorating Cupcakes

Today I am teaching you guys how to decorate cupcakes.  Decorating cupcakes are really easy to do. My favorite thing about baking cupcakes are decorating its so much fun to put on the icing or the colorful sprinkles!!!

This is one of the sites where you can find easy techniques learning how to decorate cupcakes. It also shows you how to frost cupcakes with piping bags. If you are someone who likes to make their frosting this would be a perfect website for you. In this website it will teach you how to frost a cupcake and decorate it. But it also has videos on that website, so maybe you didn’t understand what the directions said. But don’t worry because they put a lot of videos showing how to frost or make cool designs.

One of the websites that I use is…

It shows a lot of cool technics to decorate cupcakes. it not only shows how to decorate cupcakes but it also shows different recipes on what to bake. It also has classes for you to take. you should try baking cupcakes sometimes its a really fun thing to do when your bored. Also you don’t have to only bake cupcakes you can bake anything you would like here are some things that you can bake.

  • Cupcakes
  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Muffins

So this was my 3rd blog on baking i really hope you enjoyed reading this. ill see you guys on my next blog Bye!!!


Decorating Cupcakes

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